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This section is designed to be a hub that provides helpful resources for special education teachers and professionals alike. Here you will find informative and relevant articles, stories from special education teachers and students about why they decided to go into the field, and even an entire section dedicated to American Sign Language.

In our efforts to educate and keep our audience up to date with all things special education, we’ve grouped our resource pages into the following tabs below:

Industry News

Explore to read articles detailing news in the field of special education.

Special education teacher helping a student with a disability with writing.


Explore to read testimonials from current and aspiring special education teachers.

Children with special needs working on motor skills with shape tiles.

Sign Language

Explore to learn more about ASL and signs for everyday use.

Child Using Sign Language

Parent Support

Explore to learn parenting tips about navigating the field of special education!

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State by State Outlook for Teaching Special Education

Map of the United States detailing the number of students with special needs by state.

Which states have the highest population of students receiving special education? The darker the state color, the more students with special needs. Explore this map in more detail!

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Deaf vs. Hearing Impaired: What’s PC?

In the field of special education, it is especially important to be mindful of the terminology you use. Familiarizing yourself with politically correct terminology is a good way to ensure you don’t accidentally offend someone, but when does striving to be PC go too far? What’s Politically Correct? There is one case where this has […]

Learn How Budget Cuts Might Affect You

One of the most important trending topics in special education is the negative affect of federal budget cuts. Although federal budget cuts in education are nearly impossible to avoid, cuts to special education programs can be incredibly devastating. They can lead to teachers and aides getting laid off, increased class sizes, and the elimination of beneficial […]