Meet The Professionals: Special Educators

Having a career in special education, whether inside or outside of the classroom, is typically centered around developing life skills and literacy.

The following stories have been shared to provide a glimpse into the journey toward a career in special education.

Choosing Special Education As a Major

Kelsey HansonKelsey Hanson with student, Candidate for BS Special Education

Eastern Illinois University (’18)

Kelsey Brightkelsey bright headshot image, Candidate for BA Special Education

Illinois State University (’17)

Choosing Special Education Careers Inside The Classroom

jenifer mccure headshot imageJennifer McCure, BA Special Education

Specialized Instruction at Martino Junior High

Alicia Lamacki, transition specialist and special education teacher, teaching in her classroomAlicia Lamacki, MSEd, LBS1

Transition Specialist and Special Education Teacher

Choosing Special Education Careers Outside The Classroom

jennifer conway headshot imageJennifer Conway, Owner of Conway Nutrition Services, Inc.

Conway Nutrition Services, Inc provides nutrition services to the Illinois Early Intervention Program for children birth to 3 years old.

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