Special education teacher using classroom resources to teach students.

Top 5 Special Education Classroom Resources

As a special education teacher, you know each student has their own unique needs.

Because each student has their own needs, it is important to have a wide variety of resources for your classroom. Along with a master’s degree in special education, having the right resources is key to helping your students reach their full potential.

Top 5 Classroom Resources for Special Education Teachers:

1. Do2Learn

Do2Learn uses the latest technology and expert opinions to provide resources for children with a variety of disabilities. The website is broken down into seven categories, including academics, social skills, behavior management, and more. Do2Learn focuses on the overall development of students and strives to make it fun while remaining beneficial.

2. National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET)

NASET is a national membership organization dedicated to those in the field of special education. Their sole purpose is to meet the needs of special education teachers and to help prepare them for the field. It offers an abundance of resources, such as professional development courses, video lectures, job listings, and IEP development assistance.

3. Teacher Vision

Teacher Vision has a wealth of resources for special education teachers. The site caters to a variety of disabilities and grade levels. There are numerous categories to help you provide a well-rounded education, like classroom management and discipline, learning and developmental disabilities, assessment accommodation, and behavior modification.

4. Learning Disabilities Online

Learning Disabilities Online provides resources for general and special education teachers, principals, and specialists alike. The website focuses heavily on learning disabilities and the best strategies and practices for those students. It also features sections on inclusion, evaluation and assessment, and working with parents.

5. Teachers Helping Teachers

Teachers Helping Teachers is by teachers for teachers. They have a section dedicated specifically to special education. Some of their resources include an American Sign Language browser, resource center for the blind, and an interactive guide to learning disabilities.