Special Education Teacher Shortage

The Special Education Teacher Shortage

Being a teacher isn’t easy. Being a special education is even more difficult, but it’s also the most rewarding profession.

The country is in the middle of a special education teacher shortage. These children need people like you who understand they’re more than their diagnosis.

There are many reasons why there is a special ed teacher shortage. We’ll explain it and why now is the perfect time to join this profession and make a difference in a child’s life.

Special education teachers have the opportunity to watch students blossom and grow. You can help them reach their fullest potential.

There’s Planning and Paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork in teaching. Special education teachers have a lot more than standard teachers. Also, they must develop individual education plans for each student.

The state and the federal government have requirements that you must meet.

The paperwork has dissuaded many teachers from becoming special education teachers. What do people get out of that paperwork? You get special insights into your students that many teachers never get.

IEPs help students overcome their challenges and reach their fullest potential. Most teachers have a general plan. Many students that may slip through the cracks.

Special education teachers get to know each child and watch them grow from year to year thanks to the paperwork.

You can see as their scores grow or their socialization improves. Many people see the increased paperwork as a negative. In reality, it’s a portal that shows you the children in a way most people don’t see.

It Takes A Special Person

A big reason why there is a special education teacher shortage is it’s not for everyone. You’re working with children that have a wide range of disabilities from minor to extreme physical or mental issues.

If you like helping people, then it might be for you. There will be days when you want to tear your hair out, but there will days when you can’t stop smiling.

Imagine watching a child complete a math problem on their own. It took weeks, but you found a way that finally clicked for them. You did that.

What about when a parent pulls you aside one day and tells you how much their child has changed. They’re holding back tears because the student read a book to them for the first time.

A regular teacher can make a difference to one or two students in a class. A special education makes a difference to each one.

A Teacher Shortage is an Opportunity

If you can teach special education, then you can have your pick of school districts. There’s a shortage in almost every state. Is there an area of the country you’ve always wanted to live in, or did you want to move closer to your family?

Odds are there is a district that needs a special education teacher of your caliber. They might be in dire need and provide a higher wage or other benefits like education loan reimbursement or help pay for your graduate degree.

Special education teachers are a rare breed. You deserve everything they get from a school district.

Take a chance and you could be sitting in a position you’ve always wanted. It’s a buyers’ market, so reach out.

Lots of Work, Lots of Rewards

Special education teachers work many hours, as do most teachers. The children have physical and mental disabilities that need to be accommodated.

This has helped create the special education teacher shortage. They don’t understand the rewards all the extra work provides.

First, special education aides help with work in the classroom. You’re in charge of the classroom and you tell them who and how to help.

You can help one group while classroom helpers work with others. You’re not alone.

You’re helping children develop into their best selves. You not only teach them with an IEP, but with socialization, life skills, and more. The smiles on their faces when they achieve is beautiful.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re helping them become better people.

All the work that matters is difficult. If you want an easy job that’s about a paycheck, then find something else. If you want a job that runs the roller coaster of emotions but makes a real difference to people, then sign on the dotted line.

Develop Your Own Program

With a shortage of qualified teachers, school districts are desperate to fill the much-needed positions. This gives you the opportunity to build a program from the ground up. Most teachers are pigeonholed into a specific curriculum and structure.

They have little control and flexibility thanks to government mandates and testing. Special education has rules and structure, but you can develop in whatever way you need. Each child is different, so you can’t have something structured.

If you want to do some groundbreaking work, then districts may give you leeway to pursue it. While all the other teachers are stuck with boring curriculums, you’re pushing boundaries and creating new programs.

What you pioneer in your classroom may become standard procedure in the future for teachers all over the country. The teacher shortage provides you with unique opportunities that other teachers don’t get.

Start Early to Take Advantage of Shortage

If you’re in high school or college, then there are programs designed to bring people into the special education fold. Residency and mentorship programs give you experience that employers will want. If you’re a special education aide, then the district may help with college tuition if you want to become a teacher.

It’s not only current teachers that can take advantage of the shortage. It’s anyone with an interest in helping children with special needs.

Find Your Perfect Teaching Job Today

You can make a difference in a child’s life and develop a career that you’ll love with special education. Don’t let what seem like roadblocks stop you from taking advantage of a teacher shortage. There has never been a better time to be a special education teacher.

If you want to learn more about special education opportunities, then explore our website today.

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