Special Education Job Interview Questions

Teacher smiling at boy with special needs

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, teaching special education is becoming an increasingly competitive job. Special education teachers are important figures in their students’ lives, because they have the ability to encourage their students’ academic and personal growth. With these factors in mind, it’s not surprising that the interview process for special education jobs can be difficult; however, you can definitely set yourself apart with the proper preparation. To help you in this process, we’ve compiled a list of common interview questions and a few ideas to get you thinking about appropriate responses.

It is not surprising that the interview process for special education jobs can be difficult, but you can definitely set yourself apart with the proper preparation. 

Questions About the Classroom

Most interview questions typically focus on areas of expertise that relate to the classroom. The following questions would fall under this category:

-How have you established classroom rules to ensure that the learning environment in the classroom is as undisturbed as possible?

-How would you work with a student who is disruptive?

-How would you collaborate with general education teachers or support staff to help your students get the most out of their academic experience?

-How have you maximized special education strategies to cater directly to each student’s academic needs?

-How do you motivate students to complete a particularly challenging assignment?

Important Takeaways

With these questions, it is important to demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of the jargon, acronyms, and special requirements of special education. A potential teacher should also show their understanding of different disabilities and classifications, such as speech disorders, emotional disorders, etc. If you’ve obtained a master’s degree, be sure to mention it in your answers to demonstrate your breadth of knowledge and experience. Finally, be an expert in differentiation. Special education is all about individualized attention for students, so understanding the importance of academic differentiation and personalization can truly set you apart.

Be an expert in differentiation.

Broader Interview Questions

– Why did you become a special education teacher?

– How do you stay current with special education best practices?

– How do you regularly assess the progress of your students?

– How have you ensured that each student receives the right type of support?

Despite the broadness of these questions, they allow a candidate to fully explain his or her passion for the field, organizational skills, and knowledge about the school district. How you present yourself and your techniques can impact whether or not you get the position you interview for.

We hope these questions help prepare you in your job search!