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The Art of Special Education Administration

Looking for career advancement? Becoming a special education administrator is one way of taking your career to the next level. Characteristics of an Effective Administrator There are some general qualifications employers look for when seeking someone in administration. Some of these qualities are: Overseers. An administrative role requires strong managerial skills. Special education administrators oversee […]

Student Comprehension: Creative Ways to Assess What Your Students Really Learn

We all communicate and process information differently. Incorporating only one assessment style is counterintuitive to measuring the accuracy of what a student comprehends. Inspired by the McDonald’s Dollar Menu design, consider incorporating predesigned platforms that allow the student to choose from a menu of assessment options, thereby not overtaxing the educator with hours of extra […]

Creating a Positive Experience for Volunteers

Enlisting volunteers in the classroom comes with multifaceted benefits. Research shows volunteers increase the connection between home and school, ease the teacher’s load, help children achieve more, and improve community-school relations.  Here are basic guidelines that elevate the experience for volunteers, teacher, and students:  Finding Help First and foremost, evaluate whom to seek help from […]

The 21st Century Classroom

Technology in the Classroom With technology becoming an integral part of our world, it can be valuable to teachers and students alike. The ultimate goal of schools, from elementary to higher education, is to produce lifelong learners and successful students who are prepared for the workplace. Technology can help educators meet that goal in a […]

Gaming in the Classroom

As technology becomes a more integral part of the classroom, teachers are finding gaming to be a fun way of improving student achievement. According to Forbes, gaming has been shown to increase metacognitive skills. Metacognition is basically being aware of your thinking. Many games created for the classroom have metacognitive skills built into them. As […]

Tennis Ball Chair Improves Sensory Regulation

The tennis ball chair, just one of many support aids and strategies, improves student’s alertness and sensory regulation. Support Aid Spotlight: Tennis Ball Chair Finding new and unique ways to engage children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, etc. can be a challenge. But with a little creativity, research, and patience, educators and parents […]

Industry Leader Spotlight: Rupal Patel

“Communication is the essence of life- it is how we acquire knowledge, attain goals, and form social bonds” -Unknown Several years ago, Dr. Rupal Patel came across a young girl and an adult man having a conversation using their speech synthesizers; both using the same voice. Patel said, “We wouldn’t give a little girl a […]

8 Steps to a Cellphone Classroom Remodel

The Problem: Educators are frustrated with distracting cellphones. Students are frustrated with “out of touch” educators forcing them to communicate in ways they seldom use outside of the classroom.

The Solution: Create a cellphone-inspired environment that connects to them in the way they want to communicate.

Within steps of your classroom door students can willingly enter into the cellphone inspired learning environment without ever taking out their Android, Windows, or Apple phone.