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Behavior Interventions For Aggressive Students

Education in the United States is a right provided to every child. A problem arises when children display aggressive behaviors and can be a danger to themselves or others. How should school systems and teachers handle aggressive behavior? Safety is of the utmost importance, and behavior should not be allowed to distract from the education […]

6 Influencers Working in Special Education

Successful special education careers don’t all look identical. In the field of special education, there are a number of individuals currently working who have had a huge impact on children, families and teachers across the globe. They use their special education degrees to spread knowledge: by speaking, writing books, blogging and sharing their expertise on social media, beyond their […]

Focus Your Special Education Career With a Specialization

For special education professionals, choosing a specialty can have personal and professional benefits. Focusing on one area allows you to tailor your training and professional development in a defined space. It enables you to develop your expertise into a valuable career advantage. From a personal standpoint, specialization provides the opportunity to concentrate on the role that is […]

Is a Special Education Career Right for You?

Becoming a special education teacher is a high and honorable calling. Teaching children with physical, mental or emotional impairments can be difficult but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Many special education teachers find a great deal of fulfillment helping students learn and grow. However, it’s not just emotionally gratifying. There is currently a huge shortage of special education teachers across the United […]

Co-Teaching Partnership

Co-Teaching as a Partnership Every classroom has a teacher and students.  But what about classrooms that have other adults as well?  Who are these people? Co-Teaching with another adult can add a unique element to the classroom setting. If teachers are in a special education classroom, it is very common to have an instructional assistant […]

Find Your Fit: Top Five Special Education Specialties

For compassionate and skilled educators, becoming a special education teacher is just one option. As classrooms have changed to reflect the needs of special education students, so too have the career options available. Check out the infographic below, which highlights the Top 5 Special Education Jobs. Recreational Therapist Job description: Use arts, drama, music, dance, […]

The 21st Century Classroom Part 2

With increasing numbers of K-12 students in special education programs, the need for new, advanced assistive technology in the special education classroom is vital. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of disabled students in the public school system is between 6 and 7 million. These students can benefit from technology in […]