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About Us

Special Education Careers is a resource website intended for those participating and interested in the field of special education. As you may have noticed, we have a variety of valuable tools for teachers, early intervention specialists, therapists, and others who are involved in special education. We are dedicated to helping you be the best professional you can be by staying up to date on new trends, information, and methods.

This website is designed to help you at any and every stage of your career in special education. We have tools to help you decide what career path you most want to pursue, pinpoint a master’s program that best suits you, and find your ideal job. We also have resources that will help you after you complete your education and are working in your chosen career.


Infographic detailing career information for special education teachers.

Our mission is to foster passion, collaboration, and understanding in special education both inside and outside the classroom. The duty of a leader in this field is to help those with disabilities discover what they are capable of and find success.

Our website logo was created with a specific vision. Keeping our mission in mind, we designed a logo that reflects our values and portrays a sense of compassion and collaboration. The hand holding a heart is meant to signify the kind and loving nature of people in the special education field. Each color in the heart stands for a certain disability: yellow and blue represent Down syndrome, purple represents epilepsy, and green represents cerebral palsy. Additionally, the puzzle-piece elements of the heart are indicative of autism. The joint pieces illustrate how working together and promoting awareness and acceptance are key in the field of special education.

We hope you find this website helpful and essential for your future in special education. We are here to support you every step of the way on your exciting and meaningful journey.

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