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Area of Study in Mild-Moderate Disabilities, M.A., M.ED.

This degree prepares teachers to work with students who have emotional/behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and mild to moderate mental handicaps. If you are already a certified teacher, then obtaining a graduate degree in special education will allow you to become a leader in your field with specialized training in a specific disability area. The field of special education is in demand of highly trained teachers who can provide the vision and leadership in the field to better meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Specialization in Early Childhood Special Education M.A., M.ED.

This degree program in special education has a specialization in Early Childhood Special Education, with focus on children birth to age five with disabilities and their families. The degree will require 18 credits of courses focusing on early childhood special education issues and populations. Additional courses can focus on other areas and ages in special education, early childhood education, and or child development. The degree can be completed with or without pursuit of an endorsement in special education from the Nebraska Department of Education. Professionals working with the special education population who are not teachers may find this degree program attractive for professional development/advancement.


This program provides you with concentrated study in Early Childhood Special Education. You will work with your adviser to select courses with an infant focus, a preschool focus, or a combination infant/preschool focus. This certificate does not result in a teaching certificate/endorsement but can be used to meet some requirements for the teaching endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education.