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MSEd Special Education

Students who pursue this program will study evidence-based principles and theories as well as laws and policies to enable them to understand how P–12 students’ unique needs and abilities affect their school performance. They design instructional plans, assess and instruct students with various types of disabilities and cultural or linguistic differences, and create safe and engaging learning environments. They also collaborate with colleagues, support personnel and families, and develop plans for lifelong professional development.

MSEd Teacher of Students with Autism Track

This online program prepares teachers to focus on the design of educational services for children with autism and prepares individuals to teach students who are on the autism spectrum. The program includes instruction in laws and policies as well as identifying students with autism, developing individual education plans, and teaching and supervising students with autism.

MSEd Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant Track

A Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC) degree prepares teachers to specialize in assessing and instructing students with special needs and to serve as learning consultants on child study teams. A main focus of the program is collaboration with teachers, support personnel, administrators, and families. Field experiences are provided throughout the program.

MSEd Speech-Language Pathology

Monmouth University’s graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology is designed to provide basic and advanced professional preparation, with a strong commitment to theoretical and research foundations of clinical intervention. The comprehensive 60-credit curriculum will include academic coursework, clinical practicum experiences, and research experiences, which will enable graduates to conduct speech and language assessments and provide intervention and treatment to children and adults.