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Special Education Master’s Degree

The knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for special education are fundamental in preparing teachers to address high incidence disabilities (Mild Intervention). This program centers on research methods, teaching methods and materials, cultural diversity, management and intervention, collaborative strategies, resource and service utilization, and other instructional approaches that can maximize student success in school and community life. Although inclusive settings are a focus for this program, other types of special education arrangements for high incidence disabilities, such as resource and self-contained settings, are incorporated.

Preparing Educators of Students with Autism (PESA) Certificate

The PESA program is comprised of five upper-level graduate courses focusing on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The courses review current research and evidence-based practices in autism assessment and intervention and incorporate perspectives of individuals with ASD and their families. Completion of the five-course certificate provides evidence that you have developed, strengthened, and or updated your knowledge and skills in the area of ASD at the graduate level.