Education Programs for Special Education

Why get a master’s?

Finding the education program that works best for you and your intended career path is essential. As a special education teacher, earning a master’s degree will provide you with greater opportunities in the workplace. Depending on the state, you can earn a higher salary with a master’s degree. With an advanced degree you also have the ability to advance your career within the field of special education. There is a greater chance to become a special education administrator or director of special education if you have a master’s degree.

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Create Value For Your Work in Special Education with the Right Education Program

With higher awareness around special education, choosing degree programs with a specialization is more important than ever in order to set yourself apart as an educator. Educators who can teach students with more severe or multiple disabilities are highly valued. Additionally, those who can teach a wide variety of disabilities are also valued greatly. Whether you choose to specialize in culturally and linguistically diverse learners or autism spectrum disorders, it is essential to choose an emphasis in order to stand out. This will show that you are qualified to help students with more significant needs.

Can online education programs be truly innovative? According to our evaluation, there are numerous exceptional master’s programs online that are innovative because they are specialized for a variety of disabilities and make use of the latest technological advancements. Explore our Top 10 Innovative Online Programs to find the best education program for you.

Online Degrees Offer Flexibility

In recent years, online learning has become an easily accessible form of education. Earning a master’s degree has become more affordable and flexible for a variety of people. Some institutions charge per credit hour or have cheaper tuition for in-state residents, and most education programs allow the student to make their own schedule. More and more accredited institutions are branching out into online degree programs, making online learning more widely respected and accepted.

Special education student searching for education programs on the computer.

Our Top 10 Special Education Degree Picks

To help you in your search, we have narrowed down a few categories that would prove most valuable in the special education field. We ranked online master’s degree programs based on three different “top 10” scales:

The criteria used to create the lists also took affordability, accreditation, types of courses provided, and school ranking into consideration.

We hope these help in your search for the perfect education program!

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