Occupational Therapist

Job Description

An occupational therapist who works with children with special needs typically helps them overcome sensory, perception, and mobility challenges that affect their daily lives. An occupational therapist who works with children with special needs helps them become as independent as possible in their daily activities. They assess their patient’s current abilities, pinpoint activities or actions that prove to be difficult for them, and decide on the best course of therapy for improvement.

Things You Should Know

Minimum Degree Requirement: An occupational therapist must have a bachelor’s degree to be qualified as a professional. A typical candidate will be certified with an Occupational Therapy degree through a master’s program.

Salary and Outlook: An occupational therapist working with students with special needs on average earn an annual salary of $62,000. This salary varies with the cost of living from state to state and with the level of qualifications the occupational therapist has.

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