Special Education Administrator

Job Description

A special education teacher with extensive experience in the classroom or in leadership positions often becomes a special education administrator. This role is a higher level than a classroom educator, and as such, a special education administrator often plays a significant role in the decisions that impact the daily lives of their students. In most schools, the highest administrative position for special education professionals is the “Director of Special Education.” This individual:

  • reports directly to the superintendent and the school board
  • oversees budgets, teachers, and all services offered in the school district’s program

Things You Should Know

Minimum Degree Requirement: Most individuals have attained a master’s degree in special education and thus are very qualified to oversee any special education programs.

Extra: Many individuals in these administrative roles have years of classroom teaching experience and have spent time in other leadership roles. As such, they have an understanding of both special education and leadership, both of which are vital to the administrative roles.

Salary and Outlook: According to a recent report, the average salary for special education administrators was $91,780, which is significantly higher than the average salary for special education classroom teachers. The job prospects are promising for administrators as well, with the industry of special education continually encountering personnel shortages and surplus job opportunities. The future growth of the industry is predicted to be 6%.

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