Specialization in the Autism Spectrum

Job Description

Teachers who have this specialization work with students who lie somewhere on the autism spectrum. Teachers need to have strong knowledge of communication, behavioral, and functional skills, as many children with autism experience delays in these areas. Behavioral treatment, in particular, is important for teachers to have a grasp of, because they are responsible for managing behavioral difficulties that children with autism may experience.

Things You Should Know

Minimum Degree Requirement: Bachelor’s in special education, along with a teaching license specific to autism spectrum disorders. Many teachers are encouraged to seek a master’s degree, because autism spectrum disorders are unique and complex.

Salary & Outlook: A recent study suggests that the average salary of a teacher specializing in autism is $55,060, and the industry is growing at that same 6% rate as a general special education teacher.

Our Favorite Degree

source: https://specialneedsresourceblog.com/2015/06/08/infographic-on-autism-spectrum-disorder/

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