Instructional Assistant

Job Description

A special education instructional assistant or personal aid provides support for the classroom teacher. This individual works on a one-on-one basis with a student with special needs and supports their:

  • mental well-being
  • emotional well-being
  • physical well-being

A personal aide or classroom assistant also helps a special education teacher specifically and follows the teacher’s instructional plan. Individuals must be qualified to work with students with special needs and use instructional and behavioral strategies to help them excel in school. A personal aide or classroom assistant also helps foster the appropriate communication techniques among students with varying abilities.

Things You Should Know

Minimum Degree Requirement: Associate’s in special education, but job promotion is an option for those who want to advance their career after a few years.

Salary & Outlook: According to a recent report, the average salary of a classroom aide is $24,000. The projected industry growth is 9% in the coming years.

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